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This is a Wikia dedicated to the transformation of my terribly formatted notes into vaguely interesting/comprehensible information about the various characters, locations and plot points of my first manuscript, AUSTRUS: The Arcane and the Automata. If anything, I am creating this for no reason other than the fact that I am struggling to remember so much! So, if you've stumbled upon this thing by accident, feel free to browse whatever I'm transcribing; just don't expect anything too amazing.

A Brief IntroductionEdit

AUSTRUS is a world created by me, J.K Callonetta. It is a new take on the High Fantasy genre, evolving it from a combination of old mythology and medieval politics into an examination of the effects of modern industry, automation and New Imperialism on a world very different from our own. The book itself follows the journey of several characters across the country of Alvia as the world seemingly demands for war in the name of anything. Ryon Sarrin, a Member of Parliament and long-time widower, rediscovers the complexity of love as he helplessly steers those that he cares for away from nefarious forces wishing to instigate a fascist coup, while meanwhile, constable Katrin O'Dwyaar senses whiffs of corruption in the dying city of Whaplode, all the while beating away agents of the Whaplode Industrial Labour Party, the Union of Alvian Fascists and the Heathtown Steelboys who wish to insert her into their ranks.

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